Saturday, March 19, 2011

Brain cleansing by sound vibrations

So the past few days I was pretty distressed because the Japan nuclear plant situation kept getting worse and worse, despite the workers' best efforts.  The fact that the news reporting were so confusing that the company was hiding some details and wasn't telling the public the whole truth.  In addition, my family seemed to worry more about their own well-being than those who are physically in Japan. On top of that, people's irrationalities in general also got on my nerves. I mentioned I needed a meditation retreat, to get rid of my distressed thinking.

Well, right this moment I cannot get away on a trip, so I've been playing my Sanskrit chant CDs in my car and at my computer at school, which has helped a little bit but doesn't seem to be enough.  Thankfully, the universe heard my distress call and helped me out today. I was feeling crappy this afternoon and didn't really want to go to yoga after school (Note: this could have been the result of too much drinking for St. Patrick's Day the previous night rather than what I wrote in the above paragraph, but fact is, I was feeling crappy). Luckily, I still dragged my ass to yoga class anyways and it was the best thing I could have done for myself.  This particular yoga teacher decided to play the crystal singing bowl during savasana, and oh man, it felt like I was given a luxury brain massage + cleanse.  The sound went in from one year, and out the other ear, kind of circulated (rather loudly) in and out of my head a few times, and really cleared up all my distress and jumbled thoughts that have been weighing me down. I don't know how to describe the exact sensation, but the effect was equivalent to shoving a towel from one ear through the head and out the other ear, and giving it a good tug back and forth as if shining my brain like it were a leather shoe. Or, converting the inside of my head into a vigorous laundry machine using Tibetan singing bowl vibrations.  Yes, it felt as dramatic is I'm trying to make it sound. Whatever the mechanism, it worked wonders. If I tilt my head and hop on one leg right now, all the distressful thoughts and unnecessary worries would probably fall out of my ear in broken pieces, along with the broken up ear wax bits :P

So while I don't feel completely at peace yet (ears still feel a little tender) I certainly feel like I've experienced an awesome mind-cleanse. My distress and anger and yucky feelings seem to have gone out the window. I need to kidnap this teacher and make him play the singing bowl whenever my thoughts spiral out of control, or it might be easier (and more legal) to just learn more about Tibetan singing bowls, possibly learn to play one myself (no idea how much it costs and how difficult it is to operate.. does it work on the person who's playing the instrument?)

Thank you Universe for answering my call and making me feel better. I hope you will answer our prayers and help out the Japanese people too. Any signs of kindness would be helpful and appreciated.


  1. What a great post! I love it when the universe delivers so quickly and in such a specific way! wish I had not given away my singing bowl when I lost everything in 2009, then again I am not complaining... I am well... your post inspired me! will add it to one of my blog-watches... ;-)

  2. Great post. I really enjoy reading your description of the mind-cleanse (the towel in the brain, etc...).

    Another alternative may be to see if the teacher is open to giving private lessons?

  3. @ Arturo - thanks! :D

    @ Claudia - Thank you, I feel lucky too. It was a very pleasant surprise. There are so many versions of singing bowls now. Maybe you can get an "upgrade"?

    @Nobel - It certainly was an interesting sensation. Not quite the same as playing music from a stereo. I dunno about private lessons. I think if I keep going back to his classes there's a chance he might play it again in the future.