Monday, May 7, 2012

Elevator Musing

In the elevator yesterday, I bumped into this older Asian gentleman, who always talks about wanting to try out yoga every time he sees me with a yoga mat going to or coming back from yoga class. I haven't seen him for quite awhile, and this time I was again with my yoga mat, coming back from Mysore practice at my friend's place.  He looked at me incredulously and said, "This is incredible! It's been two years and I can't believe you're still doing yoga! You should think about becoming a coach or something (I'm sure he meant yoga teacher)". 

I'm actually down to practice once per week only, which I'm not proud about, but to this man, the sheer fact that I haven't moved on to some other fad exercise is amazing. He also admits to never having tried yoga once,  despite talking repeated about it over the past 2 years and even though there's a studio 3 minutes walk from our building. It's possible he's always just been making conversations rather than actually wanting to try yoga.

I think the hardest part for starting something new is the "starting" part. If you want to try something new, bite the bullet, fight your nervousness, get your foot in the door, try it once just to get it over with, and then you're free to decide if you like it or hate it. 

Also, most people don't get it that becoming a yoga teacher means less practice time for the teacher, not more. But I guess they wouldn't know that if they've never tried a yoga class themselves.

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