Monday, March 18, 2013

First Mysore room practice in over a year

I finally dragged my lazy ass to a Mysore room for practice on the weekend. Being in a roomful of strangers must have made my adrenaline shoot through the roof. Endorphin levels were probably saturated as well. Every posture felt easy. I still can't jump back but it seemed like I could kind of jump through to seated dandasana. My drop backs were amazing. It felt like I could almost grab my ankles from the air ( I can't... can't even see my ankles). The legs were on fire but it was controlled almost all the way down, except the last 3 inches where I had to plop my hands down. The teacher said I did a great job. I was happy. Then I found out I couldn't do utplutih at all. Normally I could hold them for 10 speedy breaths, but for this practice I held for one breath and then my arms gave out.

Today my whole body aches like I had participated in some iron man training. Like I said, it must have been all the hormones that got me through the practice. I guess I need someone to watch me (or at least walk around me) to be able to "perform". But hopefully as I go more often this effect will normalize. It's not exactly the point to go through the primary series without actually feeling the asanas while doing them. That's like taking a drug before heading to class.

Great work out though.


  1. Y! You found a place to practice, awesome. Good to hear from you.

    1. Thanks SF.. I don't know how long I can keep it up though. Waking up early in the morning seems to be one of the toughest challenge for me in life!