Sunday, July 26, 2015


I've been binge watching Taiwanese political shows, Inside Amy Schumer, and anything about Bill Sanders. Yes I'm weird like that.

Taiwan's political scene is a total gong show. But then as I mentioned before, the KMT (current governing party) behaves like my family (the party brainwashed by grandparents and their children, and possibly the oldest of my older cousins). It's like watching a train wreck.. I should look away but it's hard to cure my obsessive compulsive binge behaviour.

Amy Schumer.. as one of the reviews described her, becomes famous by being a "female version of a jerk". The jerk archetype is typically associated with the male gender, but she succeeds in her career by unapologetically playing as asshole-type character that most women don't dare to portray. I watch her show compulsively because some of the episodes are quite creative and she seems so confident, a quality which I sorely lack.

Bill Sanders... I'm amazed how consistent he can be for such a long time, even though he has been in the government and has had to deal with the other sleazy politicians all these years. But I'm not American, I can't vote and will just have to observe from the sideline. we'll see how if America is ready for a democratic socialist president in 2016. It would be super crazy if US votes in a president who is more progressive than the Canadian and Australian prime ministers.... well, one can always dream.

None of these have anything to do with my personal life right now.  I think I've using them to escape my less than ideal life. Need a strategy to substitute video binging with something more constructive in life... I will try to work on that for the remainder of the year, I hope.

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