Sunday, October 4, 2015

A nice break from my toxic life routines

A friend visited yesterday.. I haven't met him for 10 years. Was very exciting to hear that a start-up company that he co-founded with his brother is doing extremely well and will probably go public soon. As I showed him around town, he told me the steps that they took to get the company this far. This is so rarely that I almost believe that a successful start-up by ordinary people is pure fantasy. Really happy that someone I know is succeeding with entrepreneurship, especially with a product that will be beneficial to millions of people around the world.

I also had a chance to go to a more focused clinical conference (totally not in my area) where the physicians seemed genuinely interested in improving medicine and take care of patients (which is great to hear). So I was happy that they are so friendly and care about the subject. But it seemed like they didn't really invite many research expert in the area to present at this conference. So it was a lot of people (mostly clinicians) asking questions but not a lot of people explaining current state of knowledge for this research area.

But it's really nice to step out of my toxic personal bubble to be around people who care more about their work and have more wholesome lives. I'm grateful for these opportunities.. but I really hope I can be around these kind of people regularly rather than meeting them once a decade. I need to figure out how to change my life and/or my mindset to have a more (mentally) healthy life.

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