Saturday, July 27, 2013

Self-care strategy #1 - Eat better food

In Scandinavia food is quite expensive. I am not used to pay that much for food so I had been buying the cheapest stuff - cheap meat, cheap vegetables, frozen food.

To be honest, they don't taste very good.

I think eating not so tasty food that are still not cheap has been contributing to my depression. Therefore, I have decided to splurge on food, paying for better quality things, and ignoring the price. It's tough for me since I am Ms. SuperStingy. I am making baby-steps by buying items that I normally don't get since they are on the pricier side, such as olive oil, sesame oil, and prosciutto. I had been trying to go vegetarian, but it's not really working, since the veggies here really aren't that fresh. Instead, I do eat meat, but try to eat healthy, with the intention of boosting my mood.

I've also been experimenting with all kinds of recipes. My go-to cooking had been pasta, stir-fries and curries (stir-fry veggies + packaged curries) and they are getting boring. I need to expand my cooking repertoire and eat more varieties of cuisine. It's tough because my social circle consists of people whose food staples consist of well-done pieces of meat, potato flour gnocchi + carrots and cucumber, potato pancakes, and cream-based cooking with lots of cheese + bread. While I do love potatoes I would like to minimize cream-based cooking. I have the kitchen to myself for 2 weeks and I'll see what I can come up with!

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