Sunday, July 28, 2013

Self-care strategy #2 -- do more yoga

Obviously! Since this is supposed to be a yoga blog!!

However, even though I started out as an Ashtangi, lately I haven't been able to get into primary series flow at all. I can't even get through the sun salutations without feeling agitated. Therefore I've switched to free-form vinyasa to get me back into yoga practicing mood.

Today I tried one of Tiffany Cruikshank's class, where she included a one minute arm balance hold. I chose handstand against the wall... I was sooooo ready to come back down half way through if she didn't keep saying "Just one more breath! You are almost there!" It was nice. I needed someone to tell me I can get through hardship. I'm kind of lacking that support in my work and my relationships. It's sad I can't just motivate myself. Seems like an external motivational source is necessary to get me to stay committed and motivated. On the positive side, there are plenty of external motivation sources available for relatively reasonable costs. I should tap into those to keep me going.

Still continuing the theme of "Yoga for Strength"... very low emphasis on flexibility and major focus on strengthening the legs, shoulder girdles, back, ankles, arms, and core.  Well, I lie. I am always working on backbends because I love them. However the emphasis is still on strengthening the back so I can do slow motion controlled drop back instead of dumping into my lower back and crash landing on my hands. 

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